Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rock It!

Fireplace after. Natural Stone. 
I have a confession to make...  

While I love writing, I find it hard to sit still for very long and would much prefer to be designing and building a project. So, I reward myself for completing my writing tasks by tackling projects around my house. (Whether they are things that actually need to be done is negotiable. Just ask my hubby. Have I ever told you how patient he is? 😉

Since releasing my book HUNTED almost a month ago, I've been working on a couple of things in our rec room. First I tackled the fireplace. If you remember, our rec room has been an ongoing project. About a year ago we worked on the custom built ins along side the fireplace. (Check that out here)  

I then built the coffee table. Wow, was that a fun project! I took four antique (well-weathered) apple boxes, secured them together and added industrial castors to the bottom. This is probably one of my all-time favorite projects. 

The latest project was to make the fireplace rock... as in literally, rock! And so, I rocked it!  

Fireplace before. Faux painting and slate. 
Fireplace. During construction

Next I moved on to the kitchenette. I'd initially chosen a different natural stone but when I went to pick it up, my daughter found this one. It was instant LOVE! So we switched gears. My original choice was a little more simple stone but I absolutely couldn't resist the range of beautiful colors and texture in this one. 

Kitchenette. Starting backsplash. 
Kitchenette. Backsplash complete. 

And now the basement is done (except for new paint... there's always new paint on the horizon where this girl is concerned!) 

My next project is my garden cottage (aka: shed). It's been on the docket for awhile. I'm so excited that it's finally time to start building... Of course, I have to finish some writing first, which means I may have to lock myself in my room for the next few days. Donations of Peanut M&Ms and Junior Mints would be greatly appreciated 😉
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