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I love to hear from my readers (and my friends too!) Please visit my author page on Facebook or drop me an email at: s.worlton at

How can I learn more about your books? 

The easiest place to find out about my books is my author webpage.

You can also visit Goodreads, Amazon, and other book review sites to read customer reviews and find deals.

Do you do book clubs? 

Umm, yes! By it's very nature, "Hope's Journey" is a book that stimulates conversation. It's a perfect read for a book club group as well as one for parents and teens to read together. My other books also ignite conversations and make for fun book club discussions. I enjoy feedback and questions from my readers and would love to come to your book club (as long as you're within reasonable travel distance of the Salt Lake valley, that is.)

Do you speak to groups and/or give presentations? 

Again, the answer is yes. I believe the way to help our youth make good choices is by empowering them with honest, straight-forward information. The same is true for their parents. I love to share my message of prevention, awareness, and hope by helping convey the importance of chastity, self-worth, and the power of the atonement. 

I also love to speak to new and budding writers. I believe we each have a story and find great beauty in the power of the human spirit. I have served on many author panels and presentations geared at empowering others to pursue their writing passions.

If you'd like to schedule me for your book club, a youth presentation (ie: youth conference, fireside, or other event), or even as a guest blogger on your site, feel free to contact me at: s.worlton at

I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will always find joy in your journey.
- Stephanie 


  1. Just finished reading the "Sweet and Sassy" collection with Hacked. Love it, it was my favorite in the whole collection. When can we expect the other 2 books to come out. I noticed on your site they were suppose to be published by fall of 2015, I couldn't find them. Sandy

    1. Sandy - I'm so glad that you enjoyed Hacked. It's been a fun project to work on! The two follow up novelettes, Hunted and Hooked hit some unanticipated setbacks in production but should be ready for release soon. Subscribers to my email newsletter will get the first announcement of release. If you'd like to be included, please send me an email with "Add me to your newsletter" on the subject line and I'll keep you updated on releases as well as sales and special promotions. My email is s.worlton at You can also follow my author page on FB for updates.


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