Book Reviews and Author Interviews

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” - Steven King 

From time to time I post book reviews on this blog. Some of them come at the request of the author, publisher, or a blog tour host, however, that doesn't mean I am bias or that I will give a positive review. I will not promote a book that is in any way contrary to my conservative Christian beliefs, uses bad language, or is not something I would feel comfortable recommending to a friend.  I am happy to accept requests for book reviews for works that fit within those perimeters. I prefer inspirational, romance, suspense, mystery, general fiction and YA fiction.  I also enjoy non-fiction and self-help titles from time to time. I generally do not read sci-fi, fantasy, middle grade, or dystopia, but if you have one you want to float by me, I'll give it a look. Please send requests to 

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