Diary of a Missionary Mom

I am the proud mom of a Mormon Missionary and, as I've come to learn as of late, this is at times a daunting task. An opportunity full of joy and pride and humility, but also one of anxiety, sacrifice, and service. Until embarking on this journey, I had no idea just what we... mostly meaning I... was in for. Being a missionary mom is not for wimps and I am honored to be a part of this ever growing club of devout, dedicated, inspiring sisterhood! 

As I embark on this journey, I invite you into some of my personal thoughts and experiences. Please forgive me if I run short on some details, as this is a record of my journey and not one of my missionary's experiences. His experience is his to share and I will do my best to respect that privacy. 

Chapter 1: On your mark, get set... 
Chapter 2: Go! 
Chapter 3: Adjusting
Chapter 4: Settled In 
Chapter 5: Counting Down

* For my dear readers who may not know what a mission is let me briefly explain. LDS Missionaries are young men (18-19 year olds) and women (19-21 year olds) that leave their homes and devote two years (18 months for females) as representatives of their church. These young people leave their families, their friends, their internet and their cell phones. They postpone their work/schooling, pay their own way, and most often live in very humble circumstances. They do not choose where they will serve, and it is anything but a two-year vacation. So why would they volunteer their service? It's really quite simple: As members of the LDS (Mormon) church, we strive to keep the Savior, Jesus Christ, as the center of our lives. We have faith in Him, love Him, and find joy in His service. Because we have felt His love and know the peace He can bring to our lives, we invite others to learn of Him and accept Him in their lives. For more information about missionaries and their work, please visit Mormon.org.

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