Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hope's Journey Changed My Life

It's weird to think that a year ago I took my first step out of the literary closet. Sure, I've always loved to write, but it was never something I wore on my sleeve. Even a lot of my family and most of my friends were in the dark. But as "Hope's Journey" neared its release date, it became clear that my secret passion was no longer a secret.

I know there are authors who spend their lives dreaming of getting published, but up until a few years ago I never even imagined the possibility of writing a novel. Getting published, therefore, wasn't something on my bucket list. After all, I'm a designer, an organizer, a creator. It seems pretty obvious to me now that those are all qualities of a writer too, but at the time I formulated the idea of Alex and Sydney, I wasn't so sure I was the right person to pull off their story... So, I wrote in secret. Only a handful of people outside of my home knew of my little project. And, even after I'd signed my contract, I was pretty tight lipped about the whole thing.

Why? I don't know exactly. I suppose the whole thing was so surreal I almost didn't believe it myself. Perhaps I was waiting to wake up and find that it was just a crazy dream. Maybe I was afraid I'd fall flat on my face. And, maybe even, I was afraid that my life would change....

And, honestly it has.

No, I'm not uber-famous (haha, the very idea is laughable!) And, yes, I still go to the grocery store in my slippers. But, I think it's safe to say that "Hope's Journey" has been the catalyst for a new and exciting journey of my own. I have met the most amazing people... readers and authors alike. The new friendships have enhanced my life on so many levels. I never imagined rubbing shoulders with "famous" authors and forming a new circle of supportive, encouraging, dare I say GENIUS, author friends.

And my readers... in a word: AMAZING! I frequently get emails from young women who've read Alex and Sydney's story and felt inclined to share their own with me. It touches my heart to read of their personal struggles and to discover the insight, the hope, and the desire to change that Hope's Journey has given them. I am so humbled by the opportunity to help spark positive change in people's lives.

The past year - and especially the nine months since "Hope's Journey" debuted - have been so rewarding. I'm glad (most of the time anyway) to be "out" as a writer, and am so excited for this secret love of mine to come to full fruition.

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