Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Hear Voices

Why is it that I can have the most amazing, prolific conversation with myself, but as soon as I sit in front of the keyboard my brain enters a vegetative state akin to overcooked oatmeal? If only you could hear the brilliant exchange in my head... If only that voice would burn itself somewhere in the catacombs of my mind, then I could give it sweet, justified life. 

And then you would awe at my GENIUS!  (please feel free to stop laughing at any time!)

Seriously, though. I talk to myself frequently, although not vocally. (Like you don't...) And often those mental exchanges are near magnificent. Some of my best writing comes from those voices - Okay, most of it does. But, the problem is, as soon as I try to write it down... POOF! Magic. Gone. 

So, I've made what I feel is a very important addition (the only one, really) to my Christmas list this year. No, it's not a new brain (although somedays that would be handy); I'm asking Santa for a voice recorder. 

Not one of these....

But one of these! 

Hopefully he'll deliver. (My chances are pretty good since he follows my blog!) And when he does, look out world, because I will officially join the ranks of the crazy! Yes, those quiet exchanges in my head will no longer be quiet nor in my head. I will be that lady at the stop light having a verbal conversation with herself! 

I can't wait!

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