Friday, February 24, 2012

Daddies and Daughters

The giggling started almost the second the car pulled out of the garage. Two girls in the back seat, talking and laughing and driving their dad crazy with their silliness. There was nothing for me to do but grin.... from ear to cheek-cracking ear. Their banter was hilarious - sarcastic even (haha, don't know where they learn that stuff!) - and their poor daddy wasn't sure how to process it all. 

"Girls," he said, navigating the SUV through traffic, "that's enough of the arguing." 

"But, we're not arguing, dad," spouted an extra smart 14 year old. "We are merely having a discussion." 

"Sounds like arguing to me," he rolled an accusatory eye my way, as if he thought I was to blame for her smartness. 

"Well, then," an exuberant 11 year old smiled back, "you just aren't listening right. Maybe your hear-ers are broken." 

He peeled his eyes off the road again, this time trying to hide the laughter he was about to unfurl, as he looked at me. "Do you see what you've created?" His hardened face softened. Then, to the delight of his girls, he joined their banter. 

I had the chance earlier this week to have a rare date-night out with my hubby and our two daughters. I'm going to admit, though I missed the boys, it was so good to share some time with a sweet daddy and his girls! Even as I reflect on it, the relationship my husband has with our daughters brings a tear to my eye. There is no doubt in my mind where his devotion is. He treats his girls with such love and tenderness it makes my heart flutter.

If it's true that girls marry boys who are like their daddies, then I am happy for the future of my daughters. They have an amazing dad who laughs and giggles and jokes with the best of them, but when emotions get high and tears start to fall, he's the first to offer a warm embrace and a caring shoulder. 

The influence a good daddy has on his daughters is unmatched. Many girls share bonds with their moms, but how many fathers take the time to nurture their daughters? I am grateful to have married one who does.

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