Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sometimes Life Gets In the Way

I was looking over my goals list for the year and had a moment of discouragement. (I Never Attained a Goal I Didn't First Write Down). I'm a goal setter; a list maker; an achievement lover. Relaxation is something I struggle with, and as a "DOER" I often measure my success by the number of completed check-marks on my bullet list.

But.... sometimes life gets in the way.

Sometimes checking off items on a list isn't as important as checking in on a friend. Sometimes building a relationship with your child is more important than building a shed. Sometimes managing to laugh and breath and play is better than managing time. And sometimes getting overwhelmed by fan-mail is better than getting organized.

In a nutshell my project list remains in the "to-do" stage. I'm 0% on the basement, 0% on the fire pit and water feature, and you guessed it 0% on the shed. (Although I've redesigned it twice, so maybe that counts for something!) And the "Honey Do" list..... you guessed it: 0%!

So, you ask, what have I done?

I've been working hard on getting adequate sleep, I've been more conscious about my eating habits, and I've been trying to adjust my family to a more natural (aka: non-processed) diet. I've learned a lot about marketing, hosted a 6 week blog tour, and attended some writer/marketing conferences. I've definitely built more friendships... and hopefully strengthened existing ones!

And, on the writing front? My goal was to finish 2 manuscripts by the end of March. I'm proud to report that  not only did I do it, I'm already under contract for one of them! Whoo hoo! 

But most of all, I'm breathing my way through any set backs. I'm letting things roll. Taking it one day at a time and enjoying this beautiful life that doesn't get in the way, but paves it! 

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  1. It sounds like you've accomplished a ton (despite your 0% items)! I'm impressed. You're right though, sometimes, lists can get in the way of what is most important--a talk with our child, etc. Thanks for the post.


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