Wednesday, May 23, 2012

With the Wonder of a Child

"I do it," he declared with all the independence and force a three year old could muster. "I vacuum," he reaffirmed, staggering his way to the top step of the stool, vacuum hose in hand. 

The entire house was buzzing. Not a body rested in the Denver suburb home as we packed up my sister and her family for their big move. And, though my three year old nephew's help made the task of cleaning out the cupboards and drawers a longer process, his enthusiasm and curiosity were well worth the diversion. His fascination fascinated me. 

The ease at which he found delight could've put a smile on even the most sullen of faces. One moment he was sucking crumbs out of drawers and the next he was sticking his hand into the hose. "More power," his eyes and hands eagerly searched the vacuum machine for some mystical power enhancing button. "More power," he repeated the words over and over again, discouragement never creeping into his mind. He propped the nozzle up to his eye, curiously trying to see the magic that made it suck everything up. Giggles rolled out of both of our mouths when the nozzle affixed itself to his cheek.

When was the last time you looked at the world with such wonder? When was the last time you awed at the amazing facets that have become such a normal part of our world? From the vacuums in our homes to air conditioning in our cars we are surrounded by technological conveniences our ancestors would have never even dared to dream about. Hello smart-phones, television, computers!  But the wonder doesn't start and end with technology. What about the beauties of nature? When was the last time you stopped to feel the sun on your face? Or observe the delicate petals of a blossoming tree? Or bask in the beauty, companionship, and diversity of the people around you? 

When was the last time you took the time to appreciate the world with the wonder of a child?

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