Friday, February 22, 2013

Cake, my second biggest weakness - FRIDAY FIVE

Okay, so I've got to confess, I totally stole this idea from my cute cousin Candice - (with permission, of course.) The idea is simple: every Friday I will post a short (hahaha) list of five things. They might be "favorites" or "thankfuls" or even "pet peeves" or whatever else strikes me on any given Friday.

To kick things off, today's FRIDAY FIVE was inspired by the half-eaten box of  various cake slices slowly disappearing (bite by bite!) off my kitchen counter: 


  • 5. Chocolate with chocolate creme frosting 
  • 4. White w/ raspberry filling and whipped creme frosting 
  • 3. Carrot (my mom's recipe is the BEST EVER!)
  • 2. Lemon with lemon creme frosting 
  • 1. German Chocolate... (num, num, nummy! Coconut and pecan frosting... need I say more?) 

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