Friday, February 8, 2013

Going on Tour

There was a time when the words "tour" escaped from an authors lips and suitcases, security checks, and concierge lounges presumably came to mind. (Okay, so maybe only the Steven Kings, Stephenie Meyers, and my cute hubby get concierge service, but I like the idea of all you can eat junk food and a bigscreen tv for my viewing pleasure, so leave my little dream alone... sheesh!)   Anyway, back to my  point, which was... hmmm, something along the lines of a tour? Yes. A tour!

Everything You Need to Know About Girls Camp: The Essential Planning Guide for Leaders (besides having the longest title since  or ) is going on tour! 

What does this mean, you ask... 

Well, essentially for the next 4 weeks I get to do interviews, guest posts, and have my book blogged about and reviewed by some of the most amazing book reviewers, talented authors, and LDS bloggers on the planet. That's all. Better than security checks (which, btw, always end up with me on the frisky side of a wand)? Hello, yes!  Better than lost luggage? Days away from the people I love? And fast food dinners? YES! 

.... Better than concierge lounges? Hmm. Negotiable. *GRINS*

If you want to follow along, here's the calendar. The links will be updated as they become active, so check back frequently.

If you want to participate, email me.

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