Friday, March 1, 2013

Road Trip Must Haves - FRIDAY FIVE

Our family went on a quick road trip last weekend: 300 miles on Saturday and a return trip of the same 300 miles on Sunday. I was raised road-trippin', so 4 hours in the car really is nothin' to me; however, when I became a wife and a mother, I realized that not everybody handles a road trip the same way. Having said that, here are my five MUST HAVES for road trip SURVIVAL
  • Music - to sing to, of course!   
  • Reading Material - and, yes, I read, listen to music, and sing at the same time. Unless I'm driving, then obviously I can't sing... uh, err, I mean read. 
  • Sun glasses - a pair for bright sun and a pair for hazy days. Yes, I am OCD about that too. 
  • Slip on/off shoes - now my secret is out. Barefoot is best. 
  • Snackage - My hubby and kids like cheesy crackers and all sorts of unhealthiness. I prefer trail mix.... and nachos. Mmmm, nachos! 

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