Monday, June 3, 2013

Life on target... or missing it (I'm not sure which!)

For those of you who regularly follow my blog, you may have noticed that I've been MIA for a bit...

I wish I had a great adventure story to tell as to why I've been missing but unless you consider pushing my senior through his last several weeks of high school (more like dragging him!), cheering on my sophomore's  homework endeavors, balancing my 6th and 4th graders end of year projects, tackling my son's pre-mission to-do list (shopping, doctors, visas, temple prep, etc.), training a puppy, and keeping up on the never-to-be complete yard work an adventure, I've got nothing. Okay, who am I trying to fool: motherhood is anything but nothing!

Not gonna brag, but when the kids are all at school I do pretty good juggling it all -  motherhood, writing, reading, journaling, taking care of the house, managing the money. But as soon as the days start to warm up, spring fever burns so hot we... meaning me, mostly... go crazy!

I haven't sat still for weeks. Too much to do! Tomorrow, as with all my proceeding tomorrows, I hope for a breather. What I wouldn't give for a minute alone to bask in the pages of a book... or, better yet, to actually finish the final edits on my soon-to-be released romantic suspense. But tomorrow, like today, will likely find me frantically crossing off one thing from my list just to add four more. :)

So, here's to life. Here's to having people to love and projects to conquer! Maybe someday I'll be able to hit every target I aim for, but in the mean time, I'm gonna try to enjoy every minute I get with these children who are all too quickly becoming adults.

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