Monday, March 17, 2014

Scatter Sunshine

I was sitting on the porch the other day, enjoying a little touch of early-spring sunshine, when I heard a voice that made my heart dance a little. Obviously I knew it wasn't his, but the voice of another young man. It was nothing more than a hearty chuckle carried on the breeze, but to this mom it was sunshine. The neighbor boys continued to banter. They were laughing and joking around as teenage boys do. And, though I couldn't even make out the words, the simple sound of their carefree laughter touched a little something in my heart and put a smile on my face.

I don't know where the last six months have gone. It seems like just yesterday we put our boy on a plane and sent him 5,000 miles across the pond. It's actually been more than six months... 194 days to be exact (but who's counting?)! There's not a day that passes that he doesn't cross my mind. Some days he takes up a lot of real estate there, but they're not the painful, missing and worrying about him kind of thoughts anymore. Most days my thoughts of him are filled with joy. Peace even. And sunshine!

His emails come through every Monday. They are a beautiful way to start my week. Lately in particular. Almost every third sentence contains some variation of the phrase: "It is great!"

And I'll agree: It is great!  

There are so many things that could be occupying his time right now. The world is an open canvas to a nineteen year old. He could be going to school. He could be working. He could be touring and playing and building memories.... He could be seriously courting my future daughter-in-law. But he's not. Instead he is doing something completely selfless. His heart isn't set on the things of the world but rather on the service of the Lord. And it is great!

To say its all been easy would be a lie. He's had his challenges and his tough moments. As a mother, so have I. They are probably worth being shared, but not today. Today is a sunshine day. Today is a day to admit that though there have been moments of darkness, there is a light! We've both learned. We've both grown. And the journey has been beautiful.

Today is a day of sunshine. Today is a day of peace. Today is a great day.

To quote the hymn, "there is sunshine in my soul today, more glorious and bright, than burns in any earthly sky, because Jesus is my light." I'm full of warmth and peace and joy because I know that my Savior loves me! I've felt it. I've seen it. And I continue to witness it daily.

The icing on the cake is knowing that my son is happy. He is doing well and he is spreading the joy of our Savior's plan. He is scattering sunshine - not just where he is at, but here at home too. I am so very proud of him and I'm not alone. I am sure the Lord is pleased with him too. I know that the Lord loves him and cares for him and has opened many hearts to him. I am humbled by the strangers that cross his path and soon become his friends.

I, too, can scatter sunshine. I can smile at a stranger. I can make friends. I can lift others. I can be a bright point in somebody's day.... Really, can't we all? Let's do it together! Let's scatter sunshine. Let's make this world a kinder happier place. Isn't that, after all, what the Savior would have us do?

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