Thursday, October 30, 2014

Diary of a Missionary Mom: Give me some meat!

Dear Elder,

I appreciate your weekly emails. I'm glad you are doing well. From the breakdown in your emails, I gather that you are keeping busy. Monday pdays, football (aka soccer), photos and emails. Tuesday finding. Wednesday meetings. Thursday dinners with ward members. Friday more finding. Saturday games with the youth. Sunday meetings ....

Yep, I've got your weekly routines down.  What I don't have, however, is MEAT! You give me lots of gravy, but frankly, I'd like more than sentences that end with, "it was good" or "it was awesome." I'll bet it - whatever it is - was awesome! But, do you know what? It'd be nice to know a little more about it than the fact that it was good.

Here's a revolutionary idea: How about when those cool things happen, you actually tell me about the event. You know, from start to finish. I suppose a cursory note about how awesome it was can be part of the text, but for heaven sake, dear son, it doesn't need to be the beginning and the end to your story.

"... Elder B caught his handlebars on a railing as he rode by. I had to fix his bike.... It was awesome."
 - Hmm? And what about Elder B? How did he fare his little debacle? Did he flip or fly? Did he meet pavement or lawn or shrubbery? Is he okay?

"... We met with a man from the ward today. He told us his story from the War. It was awesome."
- Great. And it was awesome because? *shrugs*

"... We helped Sister So-and-so tame her yard today. She literally had trees growing out of her walls. We tackled it as boys do and it was awesome."
- Tackle? As in a full-body take down? Or with an arsenal of tools? How big, exactly, are these trees you speak of? Fingerlings? Staunch logs? Did you need a chainsaw? ... And, how do trees manage to grow out of walls? Is this normal?

I'm not asking for novels or even essays. A couple brief sentences would suffice. I mean, come on, all I'm asking for is a little meat to go with all the gravy!

Love, your ever patient and easily satiated, just wanting a little more, Mom.

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