Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What in the world are you doing?... I mean me. What am I doing?

So, perhaps you've noticed it's been quite some time since I posted to my blog. Let's be honest, it's been MONTHS! I'd like to say that I've been lazy, but frankly, lazy is a word I don't typically keep in my vocabulary. BUSY, however, is. 

Of course, I'm happy to fill you in on where my time has been spent for the past 4 months, but first, I'd like to share with you where my current focus is.

What am I CURRENTLY working on? -

Let's talk writing projects for a minute. I currently have a few in the works.

Hacked is a contemporary romance SHORT STORY about a girl named Susan... or Ginger?... or Susan? As you may have guessed, there is an element of hidden identity and a twist of suspense. Susan - um, Ginger - is a (Computer) Security Analyst for the US Government. The story starts when Susan's identity gets compromised and she is sent from the Virginia NSA campus to the Bluffdale, Utah NSA campus under the new identity of Ginger. Of course, it can't be as simple as that and when love - or at least what she thinks is love - complicates the picture, she begins to discover that things aren't always quite what they seem to be.

My second short is actually a NOVELLA (meaning it's longer than a short story but shorter than a novel.) It's an LDS themed contemporary romance about a girl named Julia who, during her sophomore year at BYU happens to be dating the star basketball player, Adam. She thinks life couldn't get better until she meets a UofU med student named Wyatt. As if a love triangle isn't enough, a third twist throws chaos into her life when she begins to entertain the idea of serving a mission for the LDS church.  - No name for this Novella as of yet. I simply refer to it as Defining Julia. 

Of all my projects, Beautiful Daughter is my very favorite! It's a tender look at who we are as women and our ultimate value in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.

I've also - after pondering for a few years about the right way to handle this amazing story - gottten a good start on Lucas Kai. Unlike most of my other novels, Lucas Kai is not a romance. It is a "based on a real events" story of three women who, after each having their own battles, find their lives intertwined and mended through the beautiful miracle of a baby named Lucas.

What am I NOT spending my time? -

So, clearly, I have a lot of projects on my plate (and those are just the writing ones.) Because I've realized I may be one step away from masochism, I've decided to let a few things slide, at least for now. It is with a sad, but realistic heart, that I step away from my "Wonhundred Word Wednesday" posts for a bit. I will also be cutting back on author interviews and book reviews for a spell. Of course, I won't be completely closing the door on these (I have a review posting later this week, in fact), but I need to put my focus other places for a while.

And now... What have I been doing the last four months? - 

*Anchoring family TRADITIONS:
Catching some rays, some Zzzzs... oh and some fish at Fish Lake.
* Cheering on the Chilakins: 
Olivia took  first place in county with the Shot Put! 
Mason, our long legged runner! 
Olivia perfecting her sprint. 

*CeLEbraTiNg with the fam:
4th of July with Grandpa W.
Mom & Dad W's 50th Anniversary
Mason's birthday and priesthood ordination.

*Having fun with our "cardboard" Elder - 
Oh, brother! ;-) 
Taking flat-Tanner for a walk
*Camping (aka, finding dirt, eating junk, and smelling like o'de campfire) - 

Stunning views at Smith and Moorehouse
Endless beauty, Soapstone Basin 
Descending into the "Bear Den"  - Smith & Moorhouse 
My mom's first RZR ride

*Taming the yard-

Our dresser re-build. Converted it to a cat house (yeah, keep scrolling down, you'll see what I mean!) 
1000 reclaimed antique bricks to build new garden boxes.
*Playing - 


*Did I mention Camping? - 

With the cousins at Soapstone

*And the piece de resistance... We added a new member to our family. There is one animal I've sworn I'd never own. One. Just one. Well, guess what? Our awesome dogs, Lilah & Cooper, are the proud owners of their very own.... 

Kitty Cat! 
Meet Clairise... aka: the face of "Hell Freezing Over!" 

And that is my summer in short. Lots of go, go, go and do, do, do. As always, keeping it Krazy!

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  1. Lots of fun stuff going on. Way to go keeping life in perspective and doing the mommy thing along with the writing thing.


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