Monday, October 17, 2011

The Back-story: Following Inspiration

A few years ago, as I anticipated the freedom of sending our little caboose off to kindergarten, I began to contemplate the next step of my life. I considered going back to school, getting a job, or even starting my own business. But as I hit my knees and took my ideas to the Lord, it was made clear that, while all of these options were good, none of them were the right path for me. Instead, I was impressed with an overwhelming understanding that, for whatever reason, I had a story to share. And so, despite my doubts, I embarked on my literary journey, holding to the faith that He would guide my steps.

After much prayer, a lot of writing, and some intense editing, I’ve been blessed with the great opportunity to have my book published. Powers bigger than me were at work helping this project along. More than once I got discouraged and was tempted to throw in the towel, but in those moments I felt undeniable promptings to continue.

Hope’s Journey is not intended to be a biographical work, but is a work of fiction. While the basic framework was inspired by events in my own life, the book is a fictional account derived from prayerful inspiration and the designs of my imagination. In that this is a work of fiction, the characters and events are also fiction. I have been blessed in my associations with family and friends, and while there may be some similarities in personality or physical appearances in order to create believable, dynamic characters, not one character in this book is intended to be the explicit derivation or interpretation of any one person in my life. Situational conflicts and character liberties were intentionally exercised in order to create a dynamic, yet believable story.

I hope that Hope’s Journey will live up to its name, bringing a message of hope and a softening of hearts to those who read it. If it touches but one life, changes one hurtful stereo-type, breaks down the walls of communication for one family, or saves just one “lost” teenager, then it has fulfilled the purpose for which it was inspired.

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