Thursday, October 6, 2011

It doesn't cost ONE CENT to be POLITE

I often wake up to a cold, wet nose against my cheek and big, beautiful eyes staring at me. (I suppose my husband would appreciate that I clarify: No, they don't belong to him. If his nose is near my cheek, it better be warm & certainly dry!)  Sometimes this same set of eyes stare at my husband too, but not with the same intensity they give to me (or, so I tell myself) and I wonder at the love behind them. 
Yes, her nails are painted! She's a very dainty girl!
The companionship of canines is something I've had all of my life. I currently am the proud mama to two of the most personality rich dogs I've ever had. Rocky is an 11 year old Lhasa Apso that came into our lives quite by chance over 8 years ago when we rescued him. I'll admit that at the time I didn't really want another dog, but the moment he ran into the room, unhesitantly jumped onto Ryan's lap, and then lay his head on his shoulder, I knew we were bringing him home.  Delilah is our beautiful 3 1/2 year old Bullmastiff. She is undoubtedly my dog (aka my "baby"), until Ryan walks in the door then I'm chopped liver!
Rocky & Lilah (when she was still a puppy)
So, why do I tell you about my dogs? Well, simply because as Lilah's big head (yes, it's bigger than mine) greeted me this morning, it occurred to me that she didn't care that my hair looked like a ratty old broom, or that I didn't have on any makeup. She didn't even care what I smelled like, where we lived, or even how I spent my days. She just loved me.  

I wonder how many people float through life wondering if anybody loves them.  And, I wonder how often we turn down the opportunity to lift someones day. I was reminded of this video called "The Civility Experiment." 
"It doesn't cost one cent to be polite." - What profound words of wisdom.

So, while my dogs continue to teach me life lessons (like: "Never turn down an opportunity for a joy ride" or "Work  hard, play harder" and the ever important " Take a NAP!"), I think the most valuable thing I've ever learned from them is to LOVE. Unconditionally, nonjudgmentally,and unceasingly LOVE! Kindness is never wasted. 

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this video Stephanie... It was quite an eye opener to see her reaction to actually getting to know the homeless person after she had assumed the worst about him. What a world we would live in if more people led with kindness and not distrust.


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