Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year, A New Focus on What Matters Most

In popular fashion of the New Year, I've been thinking a lot about possible resolutions for 2012. As my list grows and grows and then grows more,however, it is apparent that I'm hoping for a self- REVOLUTION  rather than to fulfill a resolution or two. My husband likes to tell me that I'm an overachiever. The truth is though, that I'm a list maker. I like lists. Lists of things to do, lists of movies I want to see, lists of projects I will eventually complete around my house, lists of good foods to eat, lists of books to read, and lists of lists so I don't lose track.

Seriously! I might have a problem! Especially if you look at my list from last year and realize just how much I didn't get done. Honestly, it's discouraging. For a moment, I even thought about ditching this whole list-making mentality. Then an amazing Relief Society President who, apparently 100% in tune with what I need, shared a little video today that helped changed my perspective. 

If I look at all the things I didn't get done, I'm reminded of all the things that I did:
          I laughed with my family. 
          I painted nails and curled hair. 
          I sewed on merit badges and linked up Bear beads. 
          I held my breath on the back of a 4wheeler while my daughter drove. 
          We camped and hiked and played. 
          We worked together. 
          Played together.
          Read the Book of Mormon together. 
          Prayed together.
          Learned from each other.
          Learned about each other. 
          Loved each other. 

As I look over my 2011 list, complete with flaws and unchecked tasks, I'm reminded that the things on that list aren't the important ones. I am a mother and wife first. Everything else comes second. The moments we share with our families aren't necessarily things we can check off a list, but that by no means makes them insignificant or unnecessary. 

So, as I make my list for 2012 (check back this week to laugh at the ridiculousness of whats on it), I will try to remember the important things. The moments that matter most can't be counted in the word count or completion status of my writing works in progress, in the projects completed around the house, or in the size of my waistline, but in the love and security of my family. 

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