Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Real Love Story

Every little girl dreams of her PRINCE CHARMING. From a young age, she starts thinking about this handsome man who will ride in on his white horse and carry her away into their HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Even the most independent of girls wants to be taken care of (believe me, I'm about as stubborn and independent as they come). She wants to be loved and cared for and protected by her mighty man....

But, what happens when that Prince Charming's body goes to war with itself? What happens when your strong,  rugged warrior can no longer take care of himself, let alone his Beautiful Princess?

That's when the REAL LOVE STORY begins!

I've seen pictures of my mighty Uncle Dave when he can walk, and run, and play with the best of them. He was a strong and healthy and fit man. Unfortunately, I don't hold any of those memories. I know he had these abilities in my lifetime, I was just too young to remember them. When MS (multiple sclerosis) hit him, it hit hard.  But Dave is a fighter!

A warrior!

And, so is my Aunt MaeLynn, who lovingly, tenderly, unfaltering, devoted everything she is to making his life the best that it could be. For years - and even decades - she has been his caretaker. Not out of obligation or responsibility, but out of LOVE. She is a strong and courageous example of true womanhood. Her love knows no bounds. Her service has no limit. Selfish is a word she doesn't know. And, when you talk about LOVE, it doesn't get any more REAL than that!

Impaired only by his physical shell, Dave's abilities have always outshone his disabilities. He had an uncanny power to make a sad little girl smile. An ability to bring laughter to any room. A smile that could brighten any day. And a positive attitude that made everyone who crossed his path want to be just a little better. Though unable to run and frolic with us kids, we were drawn to him. He made us laugh. He teased us and lifted us. He let us race his scooters down the street! He was the kind of uncle we should all be blessed to have. The kind of father that cherished his children and grandchildren. The kind of husband that is a true Prince Charming.

The measure of a man isn't in his physical strength, 
but in the size of his heart and the depth of his soul.

Dave was called home to our Father in Heaven this week. We will miss his sense of humor and the joy of his company, but we celebrate his life and are excited for him to have finally been able to shed the bounds of his mortal body. And, as Aunt MaeLynn goes on without him, she will find peace in the knowledge that their union is one designed for eternity. Their amazing marriage is not limited to this mortal existence, but because of the beautiful plan of our Heavenly Father, they will rejoice in each other's love forever, because, a real love story has no end!  


  1. Very touching. I have seen this kind of love exhibited in patients I've had over the years.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I love the example of your Aunt and Uncle. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. This made me bawl !! Thank you so much for using your wonderful talent to share their story. I love you. Shauna

    1. Love you too, Shauna. I'm glad you got to say good-bye to your dad. You truly hit the parent jackpot! Both of your parents have been such a huge example to me. Love you and can't wait to give you a hug in person.

  4. Beautifully said, Stephanie, thank you!!!! Dad would be pleased with this <3 They are such great examples to all.

  5. Beautiful and so true. What a great tribute to 2 amazing people. Thanks for writing this.

  6. Hey Steph, you should submit this or a version like it to the Ensign or new era. I think he and my mom are so inspiring and have the greatest faith and testimonies. And a good love story never hurts. I might be biased but it's still a good thought!

    See you soon Shauna

  7. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Stephanie, Your words are amazing and so true. I read them over and over as I'm sure Aunt MaeLynn and others have too. You have such a gift! Thank you so much for sharing. They are words I myself as I'm sure many others have felt but couldn't express. Thank you for expressing them for all of us. Love you Steph. Debbie Casey


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