Friday, October 4, 2013

Pickers, Voices, Losers, Hoarders, and Reno? Just a few of my favorite things.

Welcome to this week's Friday Five. If you are new here, Friday Five is nothing more than a short (hahaha) list of five random(ish) things. They might be favorites, thankfuls, pet peeves, or frankly whatever else strikes me on any given Friday.

In case the cooler nights and changing vegetation wasn't clue enough, the new line up on TV is a pretty sure sign that Fall is upon us. Now, I'm not a lover of Fall nor am I a huge follower of TV programming, but there are a few shows that I enjoy. So, in honor of the changing leaves, today's Friday Five is a list of the top 5 shows I like to watch. (And, unlike most of my other Friday lists, this one is in order of my favorites!): 

5. This is a toss up between Property Brothers and Income Property, both of which air on HGTV and are about designing, renovating, and ultimately creating diamonds out of rough real estate. I dream of someday doing a little real estate dabbling of my own, but in the mean time, I'll just have to settle for watching these three men do it... And, as a little bonus, the hosts aren't too bad to look at either.

4. Hoarders - Now I'll admit this A&E show isn't for everyone. The premise is this: find hoarders and try to get them the help that they need to make their homes a healthy environment. We are not talking pack-rats here. These are full-blown, barely a path to crawl through, garbage on the floor, mold and mice and who-knows-whats, kind of homes. Gross? Yes. Fascinating? You have no idea. Part of my OCD is a need - and actually a love - for organizing. I'd love to crawl into one of those homes and clean it up. Crazy, I know.

3. Biggest Loser - To me, this is more than a show about weight loss. It's all about the power of the human spirit. We've watched it as a family for years. From healthy living to mentally conquering your setbacks, there are so many lessons to learn from it.

2. The Voice - If you haven't heard of the Voice, perhaps you've been living under a rock. What I like most about this show (besides the play between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine) is that unlike most singing/talent competitions, there are "coaches" rather than "judges." It's not about tearing people down but about lifting them up. I love how they have something positive to offer even the most struggling of performers.

1. American Pickers - Oh yeah! Pickin' through junk to find treasures. What can I say, I'm a junkie for junk, or as the trained eye calls it: vintage. One of my favorite episodes was when they stumbled upon an old cowboy with a collection of authentic Navajo stuff. They "picked" (purchased) an old, authentic, hand woven Navajo rug exactly like one I inherited from my husbands grandma! I thought it was a treasure before, but now I know what a gem it is and look forward to keeping it in the family for future generations.

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