Thursday, September 26, 2013

LDS Missionaries Kidnapped in Russia : this isn't just a movie, it's REAL life! The SARATOV APPROACH

The Saratov Approach's photo.
Last night my family had the opportunity to go to a free screening for the soon to be released movie The Saratov Approach. Though it won't "officially" hit theaters until October 9th, we were honored to get a sneak peak. I typically don't review movies. In fact, this is the first time I've ever reviewed one on my blog. Books, yes. Movies, no. So, what made me decide to break my mold? Simple stated, this movie touched me and I think it may have the same effect on you.

The best place to start is by watching the trailer: (If you are one of my "missionary mom" readers, you may want to grab a tissue.)

After watching the trailer, I was hooked. I wanted to see it BAD! But this little voice in my gut told me that might not be a good decision - you know, with my son currently serving a mission in a foreign land and all. It is, after all, about two missionaries who get kidnapped and held ransom. Maybe it'd be too emotional. Maybe it'd tear me up and make me break down. Maybe it'd leave me terrified for my own son...

Yeah, I went to the preview anyway.

And, I'm glad I did!

I hunkered down in the packed theater with my ice cold movie mug, a large extra buttery popcorn, and a handful of tissues (just in case.) Right from the beginning I was riveted. Watching through the eyes of a missionary mom, I was on the edge of my seat, praying for those Elders and thinking of my own. There were a couple of moments I was glad I had that tissue handy. And, even though I knew the premise of the film was the kidnapping of these two Elders, the story was not predictable in any way. I'd anticipated being filled with fear and heartache, but instead, I left the theater having had my faith strengthened and my hope lifted.

Elders Tuttle and Propst are indicative of the kind of young men that represent the LDS Church worldwide. Their experience could've broken their faith, but instead it solidified it.

I know what you're saying: "It's one of those indie films, how good can it be?"  Well, my friends, it was GREAT! The cinematography was professional, the writing was genius, and the acting was beyond believable. My only quip was that the missionaries seemed to be a little old. Maybe, at least for me, that made their situation a little easier to watch. If they had looked like green 18 year olds, it may have been too much for this mama to handle.

I thoroughly enjoyed it as did my husband and children. It was two hours of my time well spent, and I would highly recommend you go see it.

The SARATOV APPROACH will officially hit Utah theaters on October 9th. It's opening weekend sales will determine how long it runs and how far across the country it spreads. Please support this film in the theater (for the record, this is an unsolicited endorsement). Not only is it inspirational, but it is well made and deserves to go far. It is far more worth the price of admission than most of the Hollywood productions I've spent my money on. I'm hoping it comes out on DVD so I can purchase it.

There are a few more FREE SCREENINGS available.

They are also hosting a special "Girls Night Out" (Oct 5, 6:00pm) and a "Guys Movie Event" (Oct 5, 8:45pm) at the Jordan Commons Megaplex in Sandy. This special feature night includes unlimited popcorn and drinks plus a chance to MEET THE REAL ELDERS (Travis Tuttle and Andrew Propst) and the WRITER/DIRECTOR (Garrett Batty). The cost of this event is $15.75.

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