Friday, September 20, 2013

Little Time - Big Memories

Welcome to this week's Friday Five. If you are new here, Friday Five is nothing more than a short (hahaha) list of five random(ish) things. They might be favorites, thankfuls, pet peeves, or frankly whatever else strikes me on any given Friday. 

From Memorial Day to Labor Day there are 98 days.. That's less than 2400 hours, in case you are wondering. Sounds like a lot of time when you think of it that way, but really, summer comes and goes so quickly. For our family, the summer of 2013 was a busy one... one full of travel, hanging out with family, and building precious memories that will hopefully last forever. 

Because we had a bit of a pre-mission bucket list for our son, our summer was extra adventurous. And, when I say we were running like crazy, I'm not kidding. We were greatly blessed to have spent about 1/3 of our summer traveling... 33 days away from home to be exact (not including the girls' time at YW camp or my husband's business travels).  Thanks to everyone who helped make our summer a memorable one - both while we were at home and while we traveled! 

Here's to a summer of fun! MY FIVE TRAVEL DESTINATIONS IN THE SUMMER OF 2013:  

1. Fillmore, Utah - Okay, so disclaimer: I already blogged about this adventure. Surprisingly enough, this is one of our favorite places to run away for some R&R. To read about what we do in this little Utah town, check out my earlier post: Exotic - or not - Adventures.
Fields south-west of Fillmore, Utah

2. So Cal... - Ahhh, sunny southern California. Home of beaches galore, sunshine, smiles, relaxation... and traffic (over 7 million drivers in LA county alone), amusement park lines, overpriced concessions... and, did I say relaxation?

There's something about So Cal that drives our family there frequently. Maybe we're just suckers for spending boat loads of money on entertainment... okay, not penny-pinching, budget-loving me, per say, but someone! Our little vaca to So Cal this year included hot dogs, ice cream, and cheering fans at an Angel's home game. Star searching in Hollywood, fitting our hands in the prints at the historic Grauman's Chinese Theatre, and people watching while eating a giant pizza above Hollywood Blvd. A walk and pictures at the LA Temple grounds and a whole lot of chuckling at the missionaries who had to jimmy their way into a car for a lady who'd locked her keys in it. Sun bathing, picnicking, and body-boarding at the Seal Beach, Moonlight Beach, and Corona Del Mar. Not mention multiple days of crowds, and lines, and heat at Disney Land, Sea World, and Universal Studios.  For more about our SoCal trip, check out the picts on my Exotic - or not - Adventures post.... teaser: there may be something in there about an unexpected guest at the beach!
LA Temple 

3. Fish Lake - This is the one annual tradition we NEVER miss out on! This marked my 19th consecutive summer campout at Fish Lake (and, all things considered, this makes me a relative "newbie" since the tradition has been in place for over 60 years!)

Beautiful quiet mountains, crisp morning air, and fish-tales as big as a pontoon boat! Any time I get to spend out in mountains is a good time, especially when it gives me a quiet moment to read a book. As far as fishing is concerned, I leave that to the rest of the family. When I was about 10 my dad told me that whatever I caught I had to clean - that marked the last time I put a pole in the water. It's all good, though, cause the bow of the boat is a great place to read a good book, take a nap, snap some photos, and read some more.
Fish Lake
First year "Boo" had to clean his own fish...
maybe next year he'll decide to read a book instead :-)

4. St. George - Utah's Dixie. The true Utah desert with temps well above the century mark all summer long. I don't get to visit sunny St. George as much as I use to, but every time I do, I wonder why we don't live there! We've got abundant family down in this beautiful, red-rocked corner of the state, so it's not like we'd be alone if we did decide to make a move... hmmm... something to think about.

Though not our first trip there this year, our summer trip to St. George was for the occasion of my cousin's wedding. No wedding crashing, but we did crash at my bro and sis in laws house. And, what a blessing to be pampered by my sister-in-law. She is an amazing hostess, and her missionary mom stories are fantastic to boot!

Reflection off the porch window at the
Jacob Hamblin home, Santa Clara, Ut

5. And, the final horah?.... Moab - Again, sunny and hot. Do you sense a theme here? Yep, I'm a sucker for sunshine! Though I've been to Moab before, this was my first time riding the trails. It's amazing how much you miss from the highway. Gemni Bridges, Chicken Corners, Baby Lions Back, and Fins and Things... you guessed it, we conquered them all! And, though my children will try to tell you differently, I was brave! A few whimpers, a gasp or two, but not a single tear - even when we went VERTICAL.
Moab, Utah
Let's get vertical... 

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