Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jinky is Reading and So Simply Sara - Two fantastic blog tour hosts

Two fabulous tour stops:

"Wow, I was surprised at how alive the story was presented... I really was captivated."

"Hope's Journey is a wonderful book that gives an honest look at the power of carnal appetites and its consequences. But of course, also the greater power of God's influence. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and I think you will too."

To read Jinky's full review, visit her blog:  Jinky is Reading

"Wow!  This book is what good contemporary fiction is all about."

"Every teenager, and their parent should read this book.  We are all of a belief that something like this could not happen to us.  I love how Sydney makes reference in the book that she was well informed and knew better, but just let her emotions take control - it was not lack of knowledge / education.  I think this happens more times than not."

Visit So Simply Sara to read more. 

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