Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Motherhood: What did I do to deserve this?

Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve my kids. 

And I don't mean that facetiously. With utmost humility, I honestly catch myself wondering what I did to deserve to mother these amazing people. For reasons I don't fully comprehend, God has entrusted me with four of his most precious children, and honestly, the responsibility is at times overwhelming.  While they are colored with individual weaknesses (aren't we all?), I believe that some of our Heavenly Father's most amazing spirits dwell within the walls of my home. 

I know many of you feel the same about your kids. If you don't, I hope you take the chance to see your children for who they really are. They are more than tax-write-offs, obligations, or pawns. Your children are your future... and our world's future, too.

With Mother's Day on the horizon, I am so grateful to be a mom. I'm honored to not just rub shoulders with my children, but to actually know them - not just for who they are becoming, but for who they are today! I'm humbled by their love for me and hope they never question my love for them.    

Boo-Bear, Liv-Lu, Tal-Rai (aka: Awesome One), and Wing-Nut, I'm honored to be your mother!  

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