Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Five days without internet or cell service. 
Four very dirty 4-wheeling machines. 
Three smiling children. 
Two relaxed parents. 
One beautiful world.
It's hard to spend time in the mountains without recognizing Heavenly Father's hand in all things. There is beauty and grandeur all around us. From the largest of rock formations to the smallest of flowers, it is all spectacular.

After months of itching to get away, we at long last made our maiden camping trip for the season. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a pansy camper - I don't do cold and snow. Gratefully we had sun, sun, and more sun!

Five days of being disconnected from the busyness of modern life allowed me to connect with nature, with my family, and with good friends. I didn't even pack my laptop! It was heaven! 
We hiked. We rode. We built fires and devoured Dutch Oven desserts. We got sun-kissed. We got dirty.... We got to BREATHE We got to SMILE!

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