Saturday, April 5, 2014

TODAY ONLY - Get a FREE copy of All the Finer Things

Today's the BIG DAY! After much anticipation I get to officially celebrate the release of All the Finer Things. As a thanks to all those who've supported this project along, I've got two FREE copies of All the Finer Things up for grabs.

The contest is going to go like this:

  • Answer the following questions. (With correct answers, not the smart aleck ones I know most of my friends are itching to contribute!) 
  • Bring the answers to me between 2 and 4pm at the Copper Rim Cafe
  • The first 2 people to bring me the (correct!) answers will get a FREE copy of All the Finer Things. Shucks, I'll even sign it for you. 
  • And, if you're not one of the first 2? Don't fret. Your efforts will still be rewarded with 10% off your choice of one of my (already discounted) books. 

Easy enough? I think so. So, here we go. The questions: 

  1. In All the Finer Things, one of my favorite characters is Bosco, a 175 pound Bullmastiff. He was inspired by my own Bullmastiff, Lilah. 
    • What two breeds were crossed in the 19th century to create this amazing breed? _________________________________________________________________ (hint, check out Wikipedia
    • What were they bred for? _____________________________________________
  2. All the Finer Things is set in a California community that grows apricots and strawberries. Stawberries are one of the top 10 products of California. Name two more: _________________________________________________________ (hint, click here.)
  3. Ammon Carter, the hero of our story, holds what volunteer position in his community? ____________________________________(hint: its on the back book cover. Hint #2: my husband Ryan recently got released after 7 consecutive years in this calling.)
  4. On the cover of All the Finer Things is a classic truck. What kind of truck is it?__________ Who took the photo? ____________________________ (hint: both answers can be found here.)
  5. Some of my most popular features on my blog are my DIARY OF A MISSIONARY MOM posts. What was my latest post about? (I'm going to make you work a little for this one. My last post was only a few days ago so you could scroll through my recent posts to find it. Or, if you're a short-cut taker, there's a link at the top of this blog titled Diary of a Missionary Mom... it might just take you were you need to go *wink* *wink*)  
My beautiful baby girl, Delilah Rose.

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