Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wonhundred Word Wednesday: "Flames"

It's Wednesday (already? Where'd the rest of the week go?) which means it's time for me to join with my author friends in our little challenge we call Wonhundred Word Wednesday. Today's prompt is: 

"I stared at the flames that..." 
"Machine Gun Fire" - Herriman, Utah , October 2010

Here's my story: 

I stared at the flames that rolled over the mountain. Hypnotically they danced and swirled with the changing wind. The flames were getting close. Too close.

I dusted the ash off my face and climbed into the car. Gripping the steering wheel, I took one last mental inventory. Legal documents? Check. Family photos? Check. Computer, dog food, change of clothes? Check. Grandma’s cedar chest? Check.

We were prepared – physically at least.

“Mom,” Olivia mumbled from the backseat. “We can always build a new house, right?”

“Yes.”My hands trembled as I started the car. “At least we still have each other.”

**As a side note: this was a very personal exercise for me. We've had to evacuate our home three different times under threat of wild fire. Gratefully we've always had a home to come back to. We've learned some great lessons about being prepared and about what's really important, but lets be honest: It's never easy to drive away from your home, your memories, and your neighborhood with the prospect of losing it all.  

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  1. That is a hard experience. Something that would terrify me, but I love how you wrapped it around to what is most important in life. Not possessions, but people and memories.

  2. Oh man! What a nightmare- you did a great job of making it real

  3. I've had to evacuate once and that was enough for me. Now that we live closer to Camp Williams, that threat becomes even more real.

    You did a fabulous job!

  4. Powerful. Every summer it gets a little scary somewhere. I really liked this one and I'm glad you and your family have been okay.

  5. us too. You can feel that you have been there. That need to look even when you should just get moving. I have felt that dramatic thrill and run a little faster.


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