Thursday, November 22, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 22 - Smart Phones

I'm not gonna lie, three years ago when my hubby surprised me with my first smart phone, I cried... Not figuratively, LITERALLY!  I went on and on about how I am invisible to touch sensor technology. Heck, the "magic" sinks in public restrooms NEVER work for me! There isn't a touch pad debit machine that recognizes my existence, and even the RedBox can't seem to sense me pounding on its screen. Why in the world would he think a smart phone would be any different? - For days, I cried out of frustration, because, just as I predicted, that stupid phone wasn't smart enough to recognize me... and then, magically, one day it did. 
Today, my smart phone is my life line. I depend on it to keep me linked with the "important" stuff in my life (ie: publisher, friends, family), it feeds me my daily dose of news, and occasionally, I find a moment to blow on a mindless game. It organizes my time, takes photos, and even helps map my route to new places, leaving only one question left unanswered: How did I ever survive without this thing?

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