Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: Day Seven - My Lu

Last night I went to bed feeling the utmost gratitude for my daughter Olivia.Yesterday, in a culmination of many projects, Olivia helped me cross a major "to-do" off my ever growing list. Together we conquered the daunting task of cleaning out and reorganizing our laundry room cabinets. For this, I am grateful. But there are so many other reason's I thank my Heavenly Father for sending us this sweet girl.

(BTW: she penciled herself into my calendar for a "grateful post" later this month in correlation with her birthday.... silly girl thinks I can wait 30 days to express my gratitude for her!)

As a baby we coined her our "Angel." She was exactly the sweet, easy going, happy baby we needed in our home. With big brown eyes and an even bigger heart, she daily fills our home with joy. Her tender nature is a pleasant breeze in a home full of type-A personalities. She is helpful and kind and smart... and beautiful to the core. Thanks, "Lu", for simply being the wonderful you that you are!

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