Saturday, November 24, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 24 - Floccinaucinihilipilificatious Words

There's a certain satisfaction to hearing my daughter chide me for using words that are "TOO BIG."  The funny thing is, I don't think my vocabulary could by any means be considered a plethora of ostentatious or prodigious words. In fact, often in conversation I suffer from a touch of lethologica. However, I'll admit, I do have a fascination with words. I gravitate towards "educated" words and find myself abhorred by derogatory or profane ones. I truly believe that the language we choose to use is a direct reflection of our intelligence. Spencer W. Kimball said it best when he said, "Profanity is the attempt of a feeble mind to express itself forceably." 

Though sometimes I find my writing a bit farctated with lesser-known vocabulary, I'm not a cantankerous conversationalist by any means (or at least I don't think I am), and I am far from a abecedarian. And I'm certainly not an agelast. In fact, sometimes I defenstrate good manners and find myself neck deep in the cachinnation of immature things such as borborygmus and other normal bodily functions kids find funny. -

Yup, I'm grateful for a knowledge of words and their meanings. I'm grateful for a mind that's like a sponge and for children that make me feel somewhat smart. And, when I'm at a loss for words or I don't know what something means, I'm grateful for online dictionaries. As I'll bet you are too at this point, because surely you had to google at least one word in this post. (I did!) 

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