Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: Day Ten - My Eldest

I don't know where the last eighteen years have gone, for surely it doesn't seem like my time with my first born has been that long. Even before he was born I knew that he was one of Heavenly Father's most special spirits. Little did I know, however, what a GIFT he would be in my life!

I've learned SO much from this kid! He's intelligent beyond his own comprehension, but even more than that he is KIND! Never in my life have a met someone with such a compassionate heart and an unquenchable desire to serve others. Not a day passes where he doesn't seek to lift someone's burden or brighten their day. He's such an example to me - and to his siblings. He's a wonderful big brother, cousin, and friend.

I'm grateful for this young man who calls me "mother" and am humbled to have him in my life. I look up to him and am excited at all the possibilities that await his future!

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