Sunday, November 4, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: Day Four - Goodly Parents

A handful (or more) of years ago, two young people fell in love, got married, and decided to start a family. 

Cliche as it may sound, I am grateful for that decision. Without them not only would I not be the person I am today, but quite frankly, I wouldn't be. Period. My existence depended on that beautiful young blonde and her stubborn, long-haired beau. 

I am so grateful for the parents I have been blessed with. They've taught me the value of hard work. They've taught me about unconditional love. They sacrificed much for me and my siblings when we were young, and they continue to do so today.  I'm grateful for the things that they taught me and the virtues that they've showed me. I am thrilled by their support and involvement in my children's lives. 

Every day I see hints of them in me (and I'm not gonna lie, some of those revelations are more delightful than others!) Being a parent is hard work. So, at times, is being a spouse. I'm grateful for the example my parents set for me in both of these aspects.  

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